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Webinar Speakers

Christoph Risch

Head of RevOps, Bizzdesign

Dana Marxer

Founder & CEO, ayeQ


The CRO's RevOps Engine

Building RevOps on Your Existing CRM

Forrester Research found that companies that deployed Revenue Operations, or RevOps, grew revenue 3x faster than those that didn't. That's why so many B2B companies are focused on building a RevOps engine – to accelerate their growth. So, what is a RevOps engine, and how do you build it?

Two of the systems required for a RevOps engine are your customer relationship management (CRM) system and your marketing automation platform (MAP). It doesn't really matter what CRM or MAP you use if you have a RevOps platform. The transactional data from the CRM and MAP feed the RevOps platform, which transforms the transactional data into directional guidance to focus priorities and optimize resources to achieve higher revenue growth.

Tune in to understand how you can build RevOps using, HubSpot, Zoho, or whatever CRM and/or MAP you have in place. Transform those systems into a RevOps engine that connects go-to-market planning, marketing, sales, account management, and product. Use the RevOps discipline to align your teams, optimize your sales and marketing resources, achieve high forecast accuracy, and grow revenue faster.

Tune in to learn how to:

  • Define the end-to-end RevOps process
  • Properly configure your CRM and MAP to support the RevOps process
  • Use RevOps analytics to increase sales productivity
  • Understand marketing ROI to optimize campaign investment

If you are a CRO or a RevOps professional in B2B software or technology, you won’t want to miss this webinar to understand how to transform your system into a RevOps Command Center.


“For any high-growth company, if you haven’t invested in a RevOps function with the approach and methodology that ayeQ has developed, I think you’re shortchanging your organization.”

Greg Jones, Chief Revenue Officer, Bizzdesign