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Webinar Speakers

Christoph Risch

Head of RevOps, Bizzdesign

Dana Marxer

Founder & CEO, ayeQ


RevOps for the CRO

Drive forecast accuracy, faster growth, and team alignment

RevOps is more than the combination of sales operations and marketing operations. It is an end-to-end, closed-loop process that provides a Command Central for the CRO. True RevOps is a discipline, meaning it is a method of behaving in a controlled way, according to a set of practices.

If you've been working in sales and marketing in B2B technology organizations over the last several decades, you know well that this is not the typical description of the growth team. Historically, these teams have relied more on art and instinct rather than controlled discipline.

RevOps is enabling predictability in bookings, optimization of resources, and alignment of teams – all of which result in accelerated growth.

Learn about RevOps key aspects, including:

  • The end-to-end, closed-loop process from strategy to marketing to sales to account management
  • RevOps models for setting targets and evaluating actual performance
  • Early warning indicators that enable proactive course correction
  • Analytics-based coaching frameworks
  • Optimization of resources for accelerated growth

If you are a CRO or a RevOps professional in B2B software or technology, you need to understand how RevOps is evolving as an enterprise center of excellence. In 30 minutes, you'll learn how the top performing CROs are using it to hit their numbers every time.


“For any high-growth company, if you haven’t invested in a RevOps function with the approach and methodology that ayeQ has developed, I think you’re shortchanging your organization.”

Greg Jones, Chief Revenue Officer, Bizzdesign