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RevOps: Growth Planning Transformed

As B2B companies approach their growth planning process, many dread the process of projecting bookings, setting goals, and allocating budgets…. unless they have a RevOps foundation in place. With RevOps, they not only set achievable bookings targets with confidence and align their teams around common goals, but they can easily identify strategic areas for focus and improvement that will actually impact growth.

Join us for the upcoming webinar, "RevOps: Growth Planning Transformed," to discover how real companies used actual RevOps insights like these to strengthen their annual plans:

  • My current pipeline can support 28% bookings growth next year.
  • A win rate improvement of 15% is most likely if we focus on proposal stage conversion.
  • Lead generation can improve 35% next year by investing in Campaigns A, D, and E.
  • Inside Sales must convert 235 inbound leads per quarter to generate the pipeline needed to hit bookings for the next 2 years.

RevOps changes the game for growth planning. With complete visibility into the actual performance of your revenue function, companies understand what their current performance predicts for the next year. Intelligent RevOps analytics, based on a RevOps model, bubble up the characteristics of markets, opportunities, and target personas that lead to higher-velocity, larger deals that are more likely to close – providing clear direction on where to best invest to improve growth results over current performance.

Companies with a RevOps foundation aren't guessing – they have their plans calculated and know the key areas of focus that will accelerate their growth in the coming year. Watch the webinar to discover how you can, too.

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“The predictability of our revenue was transformed -- we moved from a "work and hope" approach to a data-driven, evidenced-based approach that allowed the entire leadership team to contribute more effectively to the overall scalability of our company.”

Chief Revenue Officer, HealthIT SaaS software customer